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Garment Manufacturer (Norban).pngWelcome to my Site “Garment”  Clothing Manufacturers, Wholesale Clothing, Clothing Factory, Apparel manufacturing factories which are the common keywords at google that function as a bridge between Euporien and American manufacturers to overseas factories in Bangladesh. To Source Garment manufacturers for you with a range of supportive consultation and production services Like Graphic/ Fashion Designing, Costing, Pattern Drawing, Size Grading, Trims, and Accessories sourcing here we are waiting for you.

You Will find you the Best Quality Garment Factories, 100% Compliance Garment factories as well as reasonable Quality Factories in Bangladesh.

To find Best Manufacturing Garment Factories & Best Accessories and Fabric Suppliers in our market.  Knit, (Kids, Mens & Womens) Woven (Kids, Mens & Womens) and Denim (Kids, Mens & Womens) is our target Market.

Anyway If you want to make 100% Best Organic Cotton Fabric to Garment Product like – ” T-shirt” “Sweatshirt” “Sweat Collection” “Tops” both for men’s women and Children. Please go visit this factory A leading apparel/ Garment manufacturer and exporter of Bangladesh. It has a full vertical setup with state of the art machines in knitting, dyeing, garment production, printing, and embroidery and laboratory facility..they have the really cool collection of making sequin implementation with a great design studio support.   This factory is only recommended for only knitting based garments like T-shirt, Sweatshirt, knitted shorts etc.